Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Zinnias on my mind

My zinnias are just starting to bloom. They are one of my favorite flowers, and one of the easiest to grow. This year I planted lots in my veggie garden so they are growing up in rows for cutting.

Here are some Zinnia inspired items.I mentioned this pillow from Anthropologie before. I love it so much, its totally me with all of those colors.

Zinnia Toddler Skirt from Izzie B's Boutique.

Zinnia love pom pom kit from Pom Love.

Zinnia Screenprinted Card from Sarah parrott 825.

Felt Zinnia from Pretty in Posies

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Monday, June 29, 2009

My mini vacation part 2

We did the South Congress thing in Austin last week. Getting out of the heat (104!) we ducked into Woodland for lunch. I love the way this place is decorated with a modern twist on a mountain lodge. It wasn't all looks either, the food was yummy and the lemonade hit the spot.

At Yard Dog, a folk and outsider art gallery we saw these works by John Langford and Brad and Sundie Ruppert.

Of course we had to check out the ever changing displays at Uncommon Objects. I love this place, they arrange their junk so artfully! I didn't find any treasures that I couldn't life without this time, but I sure enjoyed looking.

Of course I couldn't miss out on a dip at Barton Springs! I went late, at 8pm with my sister in law, and it was still plenty hot for the 68 degree water.

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Saturday, June 27, 2009

My mini vacation

Well, lucky Frank escaped for a week to Colorado! So mom and I went down to Austin for a few days. Definitely not the same as Colorado, but a nice change of pace none the less. I had lots of time to crochet, which was nice since I'm on a time crunch for finishing up a gift. Here is what I worked on. I think I am about a quarter done. This is my kool aid yarn, with the Babette four round granny square. I'm loving it! Since I was in a yarny mood I made a point to stop in Hill Country Weavers to pick up a ball of Noro Kureyon Sock yarn. I bought this Spring Ripple Scarf Pattern a while back and am looking forward to starting it. I got the yarn in the color pictured here. The pattern only takes one skein, and it self stripes, which is great.
I'll tell you more about my trip soon.
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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More Kool Aid Dyed Yarn

I dyed more of my Kool Aid yarn this weekend. I now have 10 skeins total in 14 colors plus natural. I will be crocheting up more granny squares this week. I'm liking the colors so much, despite the limited range, that I might want to do some for a blanket to keep. It is so easy to do, and I learned from my beginners mistakes. Here is a good tutorial.

Unfortunately Joann's is discontinuing the yarn that I used. It was the Moda Dea washable wool. I have bought every skein with a coupon, and don't want to pay full price, so I'll have to find another yarn to use.
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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Remembering my Grandfathers


Biddie, my parent's pet chicken, died last week. She was the friendliest of the chickens, and when my Pawpaw was still around she would climb up his leg and sit on his lap, and even his shoulder when she was smaller. My dad found her in her cage last week and said it was a sad day at the Akers' household.

Biddie's passing and Fathers day got me thinking about my Pawpaw. Above is a collection of vintage fishing lures that were Pawpaw's. You should have seen his collection of fishing rods and tackle boxes!
Mom made this art quilt in honor of Pawpaw recently. I really love it. Check out the image transfer from a picture of mom and Pawpaw when she was a little girl.

For father's day dinner we cooked up Papa squash with a big bag of homegrown yellow squash that a friend had given us. Papa was my dad's dad, and unfortunately I don't have any digital pictures of him. I need to scan some old photos soon. He was a wonderful cook, and this is one of our family favorite recipes. Here is the recipe.

Slice yellow squash and onions and cook on stove with very small amount of water until tender. Drain excess liquid and salt & pepper to taste. (If you have an abundance of squash you can cook up a quanity to this stage and freeze in serving size portions to continue this recipe or others later).
Use approximately 1 cup of squash per serving and place in oven proof casserole. To each 2-3 cups of squash add a scant 1/4 cup milk, one egg, 6-8 crumbled crackers, and 1/2 cup grated cheddar cheese (or for original recipe, about this amount of cubed Velveta). Top with chesse and bake approximately 15 minutes at 350 or until cheese is melted on top.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

I have the best dad!

I love my dad to death! He is really too good to me (mom is too but this is about father's day), I'm totally spoiled. Dad will do anything for me, and I am so lucky to have such a talented guy for my dad. My little niece, soon to be born, is gonna have the best grandpa too!

Why is my dad so great, you ask? Well, he makes things. He is a very talented woodworker, carpenter, and has now added welder to the list. He will make things and build things and fix things for me whenever I ask, told you I'm spoiled.

He built this workshop.

Here he is welding a new garden sculpture.
And me about to watch.

The finished funky junk sculpture.

He made this table, among many other pieces of furniture in my parents house.

He turned this bowl.

He is a farm boy at heart and keeps adding animals to the menagerie.

We went way out in the country so he could get some pecan and mesquite wood to make a cradle for his future granddaughter, now that is awesome!

Here is what I got him for Father's day. It is a huge spatula, made for fish, but you can use it for whatever you like. Also, this awesome Texas barbeque book, with recipes, history and tons of cool info. I made one of the rub recipes from the book too, and put it in a little jar. I know I can never repay my dad for all of the things he does for me. I just hope he knows how much he is loved and appreciated.

Lucy being cute

We have this dog, Lucy, and anyone that knows her will tell you she is a little bit (or a lot) crazy. She is awesome with us, but pretty neurotic with strangers. Even I have to get down on her level for her to come to me sometimes! She isn't a pup either, we got her when she was a few months old, and know she is almost 8. Anyways, we love her to death regardless of her insanity and she is so stinkin' cute and photogenic. I end up with lots of pictures of her, and not so many of Malta, my old dog, because Malta hates the camera. Here is Lucy being cute and posing for me. If she weren't so weird she could have been a model. Oh, and ps., in case you are wondering, she is half Dalmation and half Rat Terrier. No wonder she is crazy!
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Friday, June 19, 2009

Finished Landscape

I shared a landscape plan that I had designed recently. Well, we installed the plants on Monday, and here is how the beds look now. The plants should fill in nicely this summer. I especially like the front berm with the agave.