Thursday, May 28, 2009

A botanical oasis in Stoney, Texas

Variegated Yucca in bloom.Mom had been telling me about this place since she visited last fall. It is the home of restoration expert Bill Marquis in Stoney, Texas. Bill's wife June is an avid gardener with immense knowledge of native Texas plants. The couple was holding an antiques auction that day, which is why we headed out there. However, I spent most of the time looking at and taking pictures of the beautiful gardens. June said that she doesn't water for the most part, plants have to be drought tolerant and fend for themselves!


Mom planted seed of this Standing Cypress and I hope to get some seeds after her plant blooms. So pretty, and apparently evergreen as well.

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Monday, May 4, 2009

On my dresser

On my dresser are...
A handmade pin cushion made by my mom and given to me for Christmas. I don't sew much, but use if for dangle earrings, great way to show them off!

Handmade letterpress cards given to Frank for Valentines and his Birthday. I love letterpress and try to buy handmade cards for as many occasions as possible.

A lovely vintage Japanese dish from the antique mall filled with special jewelry. I had coveted this dish for months and Frank took me to get it for my birthday. How sweet is he?! Branch earrings by Sarah Hood.

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New Work

I have photographed the new work that I made for Fiesta and some of it will be available in my etsy shop soon. Many of these pieces are on display at Art251 in Keller. They are having an event Friday night, so go check out my new work and get something for mom just in time for Mother's day!

Collage Pendants

Collage Ring

Polymer Texture Pendants

Bumpy Polymer Earrings

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Finally Photographed!

I shared my progress on this piece along the way, so I thought you would like to see it all finished and photographed properly! I spent a good while taking shots of this necklace. It is larger than anything I have photographed before, so it was a challenge. Also, I was over thinking it, I'm sure! I think this one turned out well, and hopefully this shot will help me get into some upcoming shows.

Did I mention that I finished this piece the night before Fiesta?! I had set all of the stones before I left home, but saved all the cleaning til the last minute. I got it done and it looked great on the display that my dad made for me.

Oh yeah, I named it Threads Necklace. I came up with that because it has common threads throughout tying it all together. Also, the woven wire chain reminds me of thread, and it is sort of pieced together like a quilt. So what do you think of that name? Is it too simple? I always hate the naming part.
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