Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ahhh Fall, I miss you!

Another Fall project that slipped through the cracks here, this top has been a well worn favorite. I made it before my birthday cause here I am wearing it at the Japanese gardens.
Japanese Gardens a birthday tradition

Then I found these pics on my camera. Fall Lookback Fall Lookback

Isn't she a cute top?! These pictures make me long for nicer weather and days like this. Untitled

I squeezed this bad girl out of maybe a yard and a half of Home Spun fabric from Joann that I bought on clearance. I matched the plaid at the side seams and cut the pocket on the bias and the yoke on the crossgrain. I also left out the wedge shaped pieced that were intended for the bottom of the side seams and seemed unnecessary to me. The pattern is Burda 7198. I shortened the sleeves due to fabric limitations and I added fish eye darts in the back for a more fitted look. I recently realized that I think I need a sway back adjustment. I always take some off the center back bodice at the waist in a fitted garment, and looser pieces like this tend to be baggy in the back. I had an issue with the fabric pulling at the button placket.  My mom helped me fix it at Christmas, and I'm not sure what she did besides adding interfacing.  The placket is sewing on top of the bodice and then you cut down the center with very small seam allowances.  This fabric was too ravel-y for that and I'm not sure the remedy.  I need to figure it out because I would love to make this again!

Karlie's baby doll blanket

I shared a little bit of this project but I don't think it got it's due here. My niece Karlie told me that she wanted me to make a blanket for her baby dolls for Christmas. I shared a little of my progress during the ice storm in December. It came together just in time for Christmas, and besides the skirt I made her, was my only truly handmade Christmas gift last year. I hand dyed tiny bits of yarn and it worked out just right. This whole blanket only took two balls of sock yarn and lots of patience.
The pattern is free and the link is on my Ravelry project page.

Untitled Untitled Blankie in action with new doll Alejandra.

 I just had to get her a new doll to go with the blanket. I got her the Alejandra doll from the My Generation Doll collection at Target. They are like a budget friendly American Girl Doll and are all really cute. I love that they come in different ethnicity's and there are tons of cute accessories and clothes that I can give her for future gifts.  I also made the little pillow from scraps of fabric that I have used for her in the past.