Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Scarf for me

My lovely friend Robin gave me a gift certificate to Madtosh Crafts for my birthday. I used it for this gorgeous Tosh Vintage yarn. I think this is the nicest yarn I have ever worked with. I picked the yarn first and then had to find an appropriate pattern. That was hard! I spent weeks obsessing and having such a hard time choosing but finally went with the Saroyan scarf. It really isn't hard at all and is a perfect intro to lace knitting. It is going faster than expected too. I can't wait to wear it with my gray jacket, I picked the color just for that. Knitting Knitting Knitting

Unrelated to knitting, but exciting none the less, my husband Frank and his friend John have just launched a Band Camp page for their new musical venture, Wire Nest.  Check it out, you just might dig it.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Cathcing up

This month is flying by. My computer died a few weeks ago and I am now sharing Frank's computer, so I'm back up and running.

I went down to Austin with my dad at the first of the month to see my family very briefly. We drove down late in the day and the sunset was so beautiful. It was one of those sunsets that lasts forever and keeps changing. I couldn't take my eyes off of the sky. Sunset on the way to Austin Sunset on the way to Austin Sunset on the way to Austin Sunset on the way to Austin

The whole reason for such a quick trip to Austin (only 24 hours) was to take this princess her Christmas gifts. She was supposed to have come up to visit with my parents but my mom got sick so that didn't happen. We gave her a Snow White barbie and she just had to put on her Snow White costume as soon as she opened it. Sorry for the blurry pictures, but I think they're still pretty cute. Karlie and barbie Snow white I made her a canopy for her bed and a pretty pillow that I will share soon.

I went for a run today and did almost six miles in just over an hour (1:12) and that was with a lot of walking.  The cowtown 10K is exactly one month away and I have two goals, mainly I want to be able to run the whole thing.  My second goal is to do it in an hour, but that one is not as important.  If I run the whole way I don't care so much about speed, but an hour would be nice to achieve.  I feel like it is getting easier again, after taking a month off and struggling to get back into running.  We went to a local park on Lake Worth Sunday afternoon and I ran on the trails.  That was a great workout, and I hope to do it again soon.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Year of the Home

Frank and I had a lovely day off together this past week. It was rainy and cold and we set off on an adventure. We hit a few of our favorite thrift stores searching for treasures and enjoyed lovely cappuccinos together. A simple day off is a rare treat for us and I sure enjoyed it.

Pets Old Home Supply Old Home Supply Old Home Supply Old Home Supply Old Home Supply

I was out for a jog the other day and it hit me that in 2012 I became a knitter and a jogger. Both things did not come easy or naturally to me, but were things that I wanted to conquer for a long time. With practice, patience and persistence I did indeed achieve what seemed beyond my reach. I'm really proud of those things and hope to continue to jog and knit. The jogging is definitely the more challenging one. I started up again this week after a month off. I signed up for the Cowtown 10K and have a little over a month to train. Since I'm not where I was before the month off I have a ways to go.

I looked back to this time last year and I hadn't declared any resolutions so much as a general goal.  I had declared 2012 the year of Finishing Unfinished Projects.  I'm not sure I pulled through on that one, though I would still like to keep that goal.  Instead it became the year of Achieving what seemed out of reach.  That's fine by me.

For 2013 I would like to make this the Year of the Home.  I love to knit and sew and often do for others or for clothing for myself.  I want to work on loving our old house more and making it a place full of handcrafted loveliness.  I'm more of a planner than a doer and that may not change.  I actually enjoy the planning part of crafting and home projects.  However, I do hope to have more doing in 2013.

Enjoy your weekend!
I'm off to work soon but will have another day off with Frank tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Yes, I know Christmas is long gone and New Years has passed. I'm a little behind, okay? I couldn't let the holidays just slip out of mind without sharing my little bit of holiday cheer. It was a quite Christmas and New Years for us. We weren't able to see my family, which was strange for me. I'm going to Austin for a couple of days to make up for that and to say a quick hello to one of my best friends. I did a lot of baking in between the craziness of work. I didn't give out cookies to as many friends as usual, but did take a lot of them to work. It was fun because I wasn't the only one sharing baked goods in the days leading up to Christmas. Christmas cookies

I finished my felt garland and LOVE it! I saw the idea on pinterest and it worked perfectly. I cut circles from wool felt and then sewed them together with invisible thread. So cute and it came out a lot longer than I expected. Our tree my new felt garland Garland on mantle

I couldn't resist one new ornament, a Mariachi Kitty. This is the first year that we have had Roberta at Christmas and we needed a cat ornament for her. The guitar is a bonus because that is Frank's instrument.
 Mariachi kitty

It snowed on Christmas day! By the time we drove home from dinner at our friends' house there was a pretty good amount on the ground, well for Fort Worth, Texas! Family

We spent New Years at Frank's aunts party but didn't stay too late.  Frank said I was asleep on the couch before midnight, I think that's a first for me on New Years. Hapry New Year

I haven't made any resolutions yet. I haven't run for several weeks as I hurt my leg, then between the cold and the craziness of the holidays I took a break. My leg is better but it's still cold. I need some proper layers and some motivation to get out there in the cold! I really do miss running and after all the cookies I ate the past few weeks I really need to get back to it. So I guess running through the winter will be one of my resolutions.