Saturday, June 27, 2009

My mini vacation

Well, lucky Frank escaped for a week to Colorado! So mom and I went down to Austin for a few days. Definitely not the same as Colorado, but a nice change of pace none the less. I had lots of time to crochet, which was nice since I'm on a time crunch for finishing up a gift. Here is what I worked on. I think I am about a quarter done. This is my kool aid yarn, with the Babette four round granny square. I'm loving it! Since I was in a yarny mood I made a point to stop in Hill Country Weavers to pick up a ball of Noro Kureyon Sock yarn. I bought this Spring Ripple Scarf Pattern a while back and am looking forward to starting it. I got the yarn in the color pictured here. The pattern only takes one skein, and it self stripes, which is great.
I'll tell you more about my trip soon.
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LaAlicia said...

that scarf is gorgeous! evene a mini vacation can be fabulous!

penelope said...

i love all of the kool aid yard colors together. i think if i were a kid i would fall asleep licking the blanket.

Ashley said...

Penny, they actually do have a faint Kool aid smell still!

Alicia, that photo is from the pattern designers website. I haven't made mine yet, but hopefully it will look that good.

Anonymous said...

The blanket is so pretty, even unfinished! You seem to work very quickly.