Friday, August 30, 2013

Korean Short Ribs and not much else

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Looking through my photos on my camera roll I can tell that nothing exciting has been happening the last few weeks.  It is HOT.  I have no motivation or work out or cook.  It's all about keeping cool and staying still.  I'm ready for Fall.  I'm ready for running outside, sunset walks on the trail, working in the garden and just enjoying the weather.  Cooler days, please hurry.

I haven't been sewing much, though I did finish a knit top and fix a couple of things from my pile yesterday.  Mostly It's been work and vacation planning, which is oh so exciting!

We did cook something completely new to us, Korean style short ribs. They were amazing, so much flavor! I cooked them in the crock pot and it made the house smell so good. I think the marinade would be yummy on pork as well. We also tried a new restaurant, a Vietnamese place that had been recommended to me. My favorite thing was the Vietnamese iced coffee. After dinner we went to an Asian market and I almost bought the contraption filter thingy to make my own at home as well as the coffee itself. I talked myself out of it and now I'm kicking myself.

Untitled Untitled
Beef short ribs Korean style

Monday, August 19, 2013

Karlie the Little Mermaid

I think she likes her birthday present! The birthday girl The birthday girl

I used McCalls 5498 but sewed it up in all knit and stretch fabrics so I omitted the zipper. I also had to take about 8" off the tail length. I cut the size 3-4 so it is big on her and will probably fit her til her feet start to stick out the bottom! I'm thinking stretch fabrics is the way to go for costumes.  The construction is so much quicker, there is room to grow and no zippers to put in.  It was mostly constructed on the serger.  I modified the bodice by making the little cover up separate and adding my own sea shells to meet her requirements for a "boobie bra".  I should have redrafted the fin part to be smaller in proportion to her body but I still think it is cute.  I think she is happy with it. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

A Little (Mermaid) Sneak Peek

I set aside my own sewing projects to make Karlie a birthday present. Per her request, a Mermaid Costume with a Boobie Bra. Oh that makes me laugh every time. Her 4th birthday party is this Saturday and it is the first one we won't be able to attend. I'm sad about that, but we were just there a few weeks ago. Mom and dad took this gift for her to open at the party and I can't wait to see a million pictures, especially of her wearing the costume. I guess costume making for Karlie is becoming a birthday tradition. Last year it was Snow White. I suppose as long as she is into costumes I will be into making them for her!
Weekend in Austin Sneak peek of Karlie's birthday present

One reason that we won't be at the birthday celebration is that we are saving for a real vacation, just the two of us. It has been ages since we took one and we are so excited. I'm in the midst of planning right now.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Cactus Margaritas

My parent's property is studded with Prickly Pear and they are currently covered in fruit. The fruits are called Tuna or Tunita in Spanish and are often sold in Latin Grocery stores. I had never tried one before. Mom got the idea to make a syrup from the fruit and use it in Margaritas. It was a lot of work for a little bit of syrup but the end result was beautiful and delicious!

Weekend in Austin Weekend in Austin

I can't find the directions that we used but here is one way to make the syrup.  The Margarita was like nothing I've ever tasted before, we really couldn't compare the flavor to anything.  There are thousands more Tunitas waiting to be made into syrup on my parent's property!

Monday, August 5, 2013

I miss my family

We went to visit my family in San Marcos weekend before last. It was a great weekend, with swimming, relaxing, visiting friends and my sister in law's birthday party. Of course it went by way too fast, and we came home exhausted, and then I proceeded to get sick last week. We did enjoy the weekend though and can never get enough time with our niece Karlie. I made her a Ballet Folklorico inspired dress. She is wearing it in these pictures that Frank took. My mom is going to add ribbons around the bottom of the dress for her.

These were taken at the San Marcos Farmers Market on Saturday.
 Family weekend Family weekend Family weekend Family weekend Family weekend

I used Simplicity 2377 for the bodice and drafted a Double Circle Skirt.

We visited a friend who has some land and lots of animals in San Marcos.  Now I'm daydreaming (even more) of moving down there.  Summers are made for swimming and there are numerous swimming holes.  Not to mention that I miss my family like crazy and want to be near them.  Visiting three or four times a year is just not cutting it.  I want to dye fabric and sew with mom, see Karlie at least once a week, swim any and every day of the Summer and perhaps go back to being a country girl.  I'm not sure Frank is convinced yet.

Family weekend Family weekend Family weekend Family weekend

My daydreams are contained in my Pinterst boards for the moment. They include living in the Airstream for a little while. I know it would be a challenge but I think I'm up for it. A hot tub wouldn't hurt!

We swam at Jacob's Well on Sunday.  Cold, clear water, my favorite type of swimming hole.
 Weekend in Austin

I made my Sister In Law a birthday cake, cause that's what I do for the people I love! It was Vanilla Cake with Caramel Sauce and (OMG! Where has this been all my life!) Whipped Cream Cream Cheese Frosting.
Weekend in Austin Weekend in Austin
Sorry for the super long post. I figured I better get it all in there since my blogging has been few and far between lately.