Thursday, April 26, 2012

Thrifting Thursdays

I have re-discovered my obsession with thrift clothes shopping as of late. I was an avid thrifter in college and have never lost my love of shopping for cast off junk for my home but I have been out of the habit of thrift shopping for clothes for quite some time. Well, thanks to several awesome local thrift shops I am back in action. I just love the thrill of finding a great deal on an item that no one else is likely to have. Most of these items aren't vintage, but lightly used or sometimes even brand new pieces of clothing. Some require a bit of reworking like this skirt. Here it is before, in it's full circle glory. It was too big and too long. I didn't want to lose any of the beautiful print, so I had to cut the length out of the top of the skirt. I then turned it down and ran elastic through the waist in order to gather to fit. It is not as elegant as it was in it's circle form but I still love this skirt and will wear it a bunch.

 Circle Skirt Re-fashion Circle Skirt Re-fashion
I also love my new wedge sandals and nail polish.
Here is a color palette for inspiration. Color pallette
So just for fun, I think I will start sharing my thrifted clothing finds with you on Thursdays. Just because Thrifting Thursdays sounds good.

Oh, and this skirt got me wanting an actual circle skirt, so I found some tutorials and drafted a 3/4 circle and cut out a 1/4 circle skirt.  It should be a snap to sew up and I hope to make quite a few more.  I just love that you get the fullness from a circle skirt without unflattering gathers around the waist.

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