Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Attempting to Model

I mentioned that I scored some great stuff thrift shopping with mom and that I haven't wanted to photograph myself wearing my new duds. Here is part of the problem.  I haven't had batteries for my camera and have been snapping everything with the hipstamatic.  I can't put the phone on a tripod or the hipstamatic on a timer, so here I am attempting to photograph myself in this vintage skirt.  
Didn't work out so well.
Vintage skirt

Vintage skirt

I LOVE this skirt.  It is 100% cotton, a sort of mustardy yellow/green with a gorgeous print and it's from India.  It was about $3 I think.
It's too big, and too long.  
It was a circle skirt, which I loved about it.

Vintage skirt

I had to cut the length out of the top so that the print wouldn't be cut off.
What I didn't take into account was that the waist would now be about 3 x's wider!
I will still be remaking this skirt, but sadly it will no longer be a circle skirt.  It will be a gathered full skirt.  I'll take "real" pictures when I get it done.  I do have batteries for my camera now.

Vintage skirt

  • I am home this morning and close at work tonight. I was there early the past three days and kind of liked it. Day time seems to go by faster there for some reason. I'm noticing that when I'm home I get overwhelmed by all that I am behind on. Household chores, paperwork, jewelry, my sewing pile that is a big mess, yard work, etc. When I'm at work at least I'm not thinking about all that.  Sort of ironic, isn't it?!
  • Frank and I were able to go out on the trail and jog (!) with Lucy last night.  It felt great.  For whatever reason I felt like jogging on the trail was easier than concrete or a treadmill.  I felt quite empowered, but desperately need new running shoes.  The weather was perfect, the sunset beautiful and I felt good!
  • I turn 36 a month from tomorrow and am not feeling too good about that.  I feel out of shape and am ready to feel better about myself and my health.  We are considering investing in a juicer.  Anybody out there juicing?  Any tips?


Jessalyn Chavez said...

hey, i actually have a juicer i might be willing to part with. its like new, its a jack lalanne power juicer pro, or something like that. Ill see if i cant find the book that it came with and all the parts... i'll let you know :)

naomi said...

we do raw foods regularly and I have learned to get the most nutrition and make life easier we have moved on from juicer and now use the vitamix blender. It seems expensive at first, but it has changed my life. I make raw soups, smoothies, everything. In the mornings we put spinach, bananas oranges, coconut oil, ginger, basically what ever is on sale that week and in 2 minutes all blended and delicious. Clean up is easier too! I have juicers really nice ones and I don't use them at all anymore. Look for sales, but really worth the investment.