Thursday, April 12, 2012

Some things I've sewn

I'm feeling much better but I think I did a little to much today. I took Lucy for a walk, went grocery shopping to two stores, cooked dinner and then went thrift and shoe shopping with Frank (score!). I'm a bit tired but expecting to be back to normal soon.

Since I had to get dressed and leave the house today and the weather was so nice I finally got around to taking pictures of a couple of my new pieces of handmade clothing.
Handmade skirt and top

The knit tank is from the Built by Wendy Sew U Home Stretch book.  I have been wearing it under cardigans all winter.  I made two other tops at the same time that I need to show you.  I love it.  I added the ruffle details, just three strips of fabric, gathered and sewed onto the top, easy peasy.  I want to sew more with knits and just can't find any that I like locally.

The skirt is view D of Simplicity 2305, a Cythina Rowley Pattern.  I made it much bigger than the pattern called for because I don't like skirts that sit on my waist, and it would have been way too short if it did.  Problem was I made it too big and had to take off the waistband and gather it up some more.  I love this skirt and pattern but am not happy with the fit.  What I didn't take into account was that the only fitted part is the waistband, so I could have cut a smaller skirt and had less gathers, which would be more flattering on me anyways.  I think I would like a wider and tapered waistband better as well. I really love the scalloped bottom of the skirt and though it looks like a special detail it was super easy to make. Over all I'm happy with it and will wear it.  I love the fabric, a cotton pique that my mom had given me  a few years ago. I will definitely be making this pattern up in more fabrics!

Here is a detail of the ruffles.  Ignore my vampire skin.
Handmade skirt and top

And, me being a total goofball.
Handmade skirt and top

So I still feel silly taking pictures of myself but if I want to share handmade clothes I guess that's the best way. I haven't been sewing much lately. I did buy and start a pattern for a pair of shorts, but am still having trouble with fit. I'm determined to draft my own pants patterns using Design it Yourself Clothes, a book that I have had for some time and not put to use. I bought some paper for pattern making and everything.  Wish me luck!


andrea said...

That tank is adorable! I've never tried sewing with knits but may have to give it a whirl. Would love to be able to see up my own tank tops.

penelope said...

the ruffles! good job, ash!

Connie Akers said...

Looking good - you and the garden.xoxo, Mom

Karen said...

that blue is beautiful on you!