Friday, April 27, 2012

Flowers, Flowers Everywhere

Two of our dearest friends had a baby boy yesterday morning. I'm going to meet him today before work. I made mama a bouquet with a giant Blue Hydrangea, pale green Carnations, peachy Spray Roses and this cool lavender Stattice that I had never seen before. I hope she likes it. Baby Bertorelli Flowers

Of course I made a couple of little bouquets for our house too. Baby Bertorelli Flowers Baby Bertorelli Flowers

I also just got two Hydrangea plants for our backyard. A tree in the neighbors' yard keeps getting bigger and shading out my garden, so I needed more shade plants. I have never grown a Hydrangea, but am hopeful that these will do well. Baby Bertorelli Flowers Baby Bertorelli Flowers

Here is my 1/4 circle skirt all cut out. I sewed it up last night and am letting it hang before I hem it so that the hem will be even. 1/4 circle skirt cut out

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