Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I'm Your Tia and I Love You

We got a nice surprise this week when my parents and brother brought Karlie with them from Austin. Frank and I went up on Monday to spend time with all of them. It is hard to imagine that my parents won't be nearby for much longer. My parents built their house and we moved in at the end of my 6th grade year, twenty five years ago. The house is getting emptier each time I visit and they will be gone in less than a month. I imagine that will be the last time for Karlie to visit, though of course we will be going to Austin as much as we can.

Karlie and Lucy played ball and it was a blur of activity as are most things with an almost three year old!
 Karlie and Lucy Karlie and Lucy Karlie and Lucy Karlie and Lucy

Karlie told me, "you are my tia" so I asked her who Frank was and she said "my Gaga". She usually calls me Aya and Frank is either Gaga or Gagee. She is getting so big and talking so much and so clearly. We have so much fun with her. Mom told me that she read my blog post about the Dansk dishes and she offered them to me. How sweet is that?! I never expected her to give them to me, but will surely love them. What a generous mama I have. I'm off today and catching up with house cleaning, jewelry and errands. There is always too much to do on my days off. I better get to work...

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