Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Magical Place

We went down to Austin last weekend to hang out with our dear friends Susan and Matt who were there celebrating their ten year wedding anniversary. They were camping out at McKinney Falls. We stayed with my brother and sister in law to have maximum time with Karlie but took her out to the campground on Friday. On Saturday we all caravaned to a magical spot in the Hill Country, "The Spot" as it has been dubbed by my brother and his friends. With traffic heading out of Austin, two stops along the way, crazy road rage drivers (not us) and lots of turns on winding roads, it almost seemed like too far to go for a swim. Well, once we arrived all of us who had never been there agreed that it was well worth the trip! I only wished we had arrived hours earlier. It was a bit of a hike in, adding to the anticipation. The spot The spot
A glimpse of what was ahead. Can you spot it? The spot

We arrived and were amazed.
Crystal clear spring water pouring from the ground.
A perfect swimming hole.
Texas at it's best!
 The spot The spot The spot

Frank worked up the courage to jump from the lower rocks. He isn't a fan of heights. I jumped twice but couldn't make myself jump from the taller spot. The spot The spot The spot
What a magical and special place to visit. I can't wait to go back.

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