Tuesday, May 8, 2012

We Miss You Old Girl

I've been thinking a lot lately about my old girl Malta. It has been almost a year since we lost her and we miss her so. A coworker told me last week that she had just lost her 16 year old dog and it brought tears to my eyes. I still cry thinking about our baby and how much we love her and miss her. I was walking Lucy the other day and someone rolled down their car window and asked what kind of dog she is. I said Lab Dalmation mix, but she's not, that was Malta. Lucy is a Dalmation and Rat Terrier mix and I felt silly for the mistake. Granted Malta has been on my mind and I was a bit out of it from just huffing and puffing up a hill on our walk.  The cactus in our front garden is about to burst into bloom, and this too reminds me of Malta.Cactus blooming Cactus blooming

This is one of the last pictures that I took of Malta and it will be forever in my mind when I think of her.

*It is going to be a long week at work. Everyone talks about how crazy it gets on Mother's day weekend and I am in Floral all week. Yesterday was the first day of prep and it already wiped me out!

*I made these cookies the other day and while delicious, they are not to be eaten at night.  They kept me up on several occasions (I'm slow to learn) and I don't really think I need another way to consume caffeine.  Next time I would leave out the coffee.

*Though I'm so out of shape and terrified to get into a swimsuit, I do need a new one and I do love swimming.  I contemplated making my own for a few minutes and decided that I should just buy one.  My dread does have me exercising a bit more, so that is good!

*Mom's birthday is next week and I'm contemplating some combo of Peach and Almond for her cake.  Texas peaches are in at work, and they smell divine.  This doesn't really align with trying to lose weight, but you gotta celebrate, right?!

*I've been sewing and have several new things to share, if only I can find the time to photograph them.

*As always I'm super inspired by Sallie Oh and Dixie Diy, two fellow Texas bloggers.

*Fiber artist and blogger,  Terry Grant, commented on my blog post about my mom's Dansk plates.  She posted a link to her own story about her Dansk stoneware and why she chose it when she got married.  I really enjoyed that and loved how several like minded women made the same choice about what to fill their home with.  These plates became so much more than just something to eat off of.

*I'm almost caught up on all my jewelry orders and constantly bemoaning the fact that work makes it take so much longer for me to get anything made.  That and my creative ADD.

Have a good week, I'll be working my tail off and come see me if you need any flowers for mom.

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