Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day to all you mamas out there! We celebrated with my mom last night. Her birthday is on Wednesday and since I didn't know my work schedule for next week I went ahead and made her cake and took it up last night. I was going for an Amaretto and Peach combo, inspired by my favorite ice cream in Fredricksburg. I used my favorite Vanilla Cake recipe and made a two layer 6" square cake (there was enough batter left for a dozen cupcakes, which I froze). I frosted it with my favorite Cream Cheese frosting, flavored ith 1 1/2 teaspoons of Almond Extract. The cake is topped with crushed Amaretti cookies and then I made a Peach sauce on the side since Frank doesn't like peaches. Texas Peaches are in at work and I chopped them in a small dice and sauted them with about a tablespoon each of butter and brown sugar. I crushed some and then added a bit of cornstarch, though I don't think that was necessary. I also added a splash of Amaretto. Yum! The peach sauce would be perfect on pancakes too.
Amaretto Peach cake for mom Amaretto Peach cake for mom
 Amaretto Peach cake for mom

Dad said it might be the best cake he's ever had. Now that's high praise! My parent's house is eerily empty. They will be gone in just a couple of weeks and that is so strange to me. After 25 years it will be hard to say goodbye to their home. Here is my empty bedroom. It hasn't been that way since before we moved in in 1987! Back then it had pink walls, teal carpet and green and pink curtains that mom made!

 Empty room

 Of course I didn't get mom's gift made in time. I make to do lists and then just watch the deadlines come and go. I'm the ultimate procrastinator, it seems. I found these Mother of Pearl roses on etsy last week, after looking for the perfect ones for what seems like forever. They came in yesterday so I just gave mom one and told her that I'm going to make a piece of jewelry out of it for her. Karlie's middle name is Rose and I'm going to put a Peridot with it for her birthstone, sort of a Grandmother's pendant.
Mother of pearl rose

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