Friday, March 11, 2011

Simplicity 2281 (Sort of)

I have been meaning to write a post about this dress for months.
My awesome mom gets all the credit for this one!
I got this lightweight, beautiful teal Silk Dupioni at Joann on major sale last year. I had had my eye on this fabric for months and knew I wanted a party dress made out of it.

I wore this dress to a wedding last fall that I attended with one of my favorite ladies, Christi.
We had a great time!
Christi and I

It was a really beautiful wedding with lots of DIY touches. My favorite part was this photo booth that they had set up for silly pictures of guests.
Ash, Christi and B Fry

Simplicity  2281

Now on to the sewing details. We didn't make a muslin as this was a last minute project. Mom says she hates ripping out and there was lots of that in this dress. I'm sure she was frustrated with me as I picked view C of this pattern but set about changing everything about it.

The changes:
1: the sleeves. I didn't like the sleeves in View A, I wanted more of a flutter sleeve. I also didn't like the 80's open shoulder on View C. We ended up putting the sleeves in last and drafting our own pattern for them. We put little tucks for pleats like this top.

2: I wanted a slit down the front with a tie at the top and a slip underneath. Complicated (thanks mom). That meant taking the seam out of the back, moving it to the front and figuring out how to add a slip like lining with a scoop neck underneath. It worked, but don't ask me how. Actually I could probably figure it out, or ask mom to tell in more detail if anyone really wanted to know.

3: Took lots of fullness out of the skirt. As drafted, the skirt pieces are really wide at the top for gathering, and pretty straight at the bottom. This was quite comical when we put it together, as it looked like I was smuggling an inner tube under my skirt. I have decided that gathered skirts are not for me! We took out a lot of that fabric and put pleats instead of gathers.

I think those are all the changes, but since we changed the pattern so much I really can't comment on the original pattern. I think I would make View A of this dress, but it isn't high on my list. I love, love, love this dress and will definitely wear it again, given the opportunity.

another pattern
More pattern info here.

Big thanks to my mom, you are awesome and I will so miss our sewing sessions when you move.

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Connie Akers said...

I sure hope you get to wear it lots after all we went through. It is lovely and you girls look so pretty together.