Friday, June 25, 2010

My new summer top

I have had this pattern cut out and ready to sew for a little while now. I even set up my sewing machine at home hoping that this and other projects would get done. Well, that didn't happen. I spent several days at my parents' house this week helping pack boxes for their upcoming move. In the evenings we found some time to sew and I was able to finish this project with, as usual, a little help from my mom. It is not that I can't do certain things, but that mom can do them more quickly and skillfully. I figure I should take advantage of that help for as long as I can!

This sweet top is Simplicity 4589, view B, with a modification to the sleeves. I used a cotton voile print from Anna Maria Horner, which I'm crazy about. The fabric is butter soft and really beautiful. This pattern is so popular that there is a flickr group dedicated to it, so I had a feeling it would be a good one. View B had flutter sleeves that are supposed to ruffle up on their own. Well, mine weren't ruffling, instead they flattened on top and had a hump in the front and back, not attractive at all. This surprised me since the fabric is so soft and lightweight. The sleeves may have settled down and ruffled properly with washing and wearing, but I wasn't going to be wearing them the way they were! Mom helped me take little tucks in each sleeve so that they would be tamed and to create permanent ruffles. I love the way they turned out, check out the detail shots below. I definitely plan to make more versions of this pattern.


Emily B said...

I love what you've done with the sleeves. How pretty!

Deborah Boschert said...

Oh Ashley! The sleeves are so much cuter and more unique and flattering than the pattern. I love them. They are the star of the shirt... or maybe the fabric is the star. It's divine. Great blouse!

Ashley said...

Thanks Ladies! Deborah, that means a lot to me. I feel the same way, and I'm glad you agree ;)