Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fresh Flowers

We celebrated a birthday with a dear friend last week. I wanted to take her some flowers, so I bought three bunches at Central Market and made my own arrangements. I went with bright blue Larkspur, yellow Kangaroo Paw, and orange Lillies. I love the results. I took Alley a bouquet in one of these antique mason jars, and made a few for our house as well.

As the Lillies opened and sat in my window I was continually drawn to photograph them. I love the orange flowers in the turquoise vases!
In my office window

In my office window

In my office window

In my office window

bathroom shelf

dining table

I really wish I could keep fresh flowers in the house at all times! I am thinking about growing more flowers for cutting. Anyone have good reccomendations for North Texas? I know I have luck with Zinnias, and think I may try a few Dahlias this year. I would love to know of some more flowers that are good for continual cutting and easy to grow from seed.


Karen said...

Kangaroo paw is making me so happy. Pretty arrangements, Ashley.

Ashley said...

They have Kangaroo Paw plants at our Lowes right now and I'm super tempted to get one. It would be a splurge, but would be so cool to have one to cut from! I'm trying to do a cutting garden this year.