Monday, March 21, 2011

Feeling Springy

I took these images last week with the Hipstamatic.
Our plum tree in the back yard was in full bloom with bees buzzing.
Our Plum tree is flowering

Our Plum tree is flowering

The Euphorbia in the front beds is always one of the first things to bloom in my gardens. It is one of my favorite plants and so easy to care for!
Euphorbia in bloom

I also did a quick little photo tour of our neighbors' blooming trees. This one is always beautiful with mostly light pink flowers, but a branch or two with hot pink. It always makes me smile.
Flowering Plum around the corner

Flowering Plum around the corner

A few doors down the Tulip tree was almost done blooming.
Tulip Tree in my neighbors yard

Our big agave in front is a tough one, it barely got damaged by all that snow and ice.
Big Agave in our front bed

My weeping Japanese Maple has had a tall branch that didn't belong (I'm assuming it was from grafting). I cut it off and stuck it in dirt with not much hope that it would root. So far it hasn't wilted and continues to leaf out. Does anyone know if you can actually root a Japanese Maple this way? I'm assuming I should leave it in the pot for a good long while so the roots can develop, like maybe the rest of the year? Might have to move it up to a bigger pot though, this was the only one I had on hand at the time. Fingers crossed that it will take root!

We had a great weekend. Our friend Claire came up from Austin and also participated in the Cowtown Indie Bazaar. The show was well attended and we got to show Claire around Cowtown a bit. Yesterday morning we went to the Modern Art Museum to see the Ed Ruscha exhibit and then to the Cattle Barn Flea Market for some junkin. It was a lot of fun and the weather was just perfect and springy for the first day of spring.

Now I get ready for Fiesta in San Antonio.

Happy Spring everyone!