Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Change

We stayed out late Saturday night and Sunday was cold and gray, a big change from the beautiful sunny weather that we have had lately. We were feeling very lazy on Sunday and the gray didn't help. We had lots of coffee and our waffles with blackberries and honey and laid around some more. We watched an episode of Spectacle with Elvis Costello, now streaming on Netflix! It was the episode with M. Ward (love), Zooey Deschanel and Jenny Lewis. I was inspired and took scissors to hair for new bangs. I like the new look.
I needed a new look

Despite the gray and cold I couldn't be kept inside on Sunday afternoon (after I had my fill of being lazy). I started a fire in our neglected fire pit and worked in the back yard for a while. This too, was kind of a nice change from the heat that we had on Saturday.

It's cold today but I wanted to work outside

I just want to be outside constantly this time of year. By mid summer I'm over it and the heat drives me inside and to ignore my gardens. But for now, I'm obsessed, as I most often am this time of year.

mutablis rose

Mutablis or butterfly rose


For now I'm glad that it is cold, gray and rainy. If it wasn't so cold I would probably be out there in the rain just admiring my plants and their progress. But for now, I'm pushed back inside, which is a good thing because I have jewelry to make!

Okay, that was a bit of a fib. Here I am checking on my newly transplanted babies in the rain. Oh well, a girl can't help having Spring Fever, now can she?!

I am working, I really am, I just had to share my enthusiasm with you.


Karen said...

I like the bangs! It's easy to be inspired by Zooey Deschanel. Your garden is the most beautiful green.

Ashley said...

Thanks Karen! I was actually inspired by Jenny Lewis. Both have bangs, but Jenny's hair is finer like mine.