Saturday, March 6, 2010

My early enamel work

I made all of these enameled pieces in college. I really, really enjoyed enameling and am not sure why it has taken me almost eleven years to get back to it. Sorry these pictures aren't the greatest. I made a series of four of these enameled bead pendants. I kept this one, mom has one, and two other family friends have the others. I have old slides of the whole set somewhere. I should probably try to get new and better pictures of all of them. The set was in the Voertman's art show when I was in school, and they are one of my most accomplished things I made in college.

This is another favorite piece. The enameled part was made with the hydraulic press (another thing I am trying to get back to) and set in a bezel. I wore this for my Senior show and still often wear it for special occasions.

This little vessel is very special to me. It is not perfect, but pretty advanced for my skill set back then. The little handle on top is bolted together and the whole thing fits in the palm of my hand.
This big funky piece belongs to my mom. We had to learn how to make a spiculum, and that definitely wasn't my forte.
I'm not sure what type of work will come out of this foray into enameling, but I sure am excited to find out!