Thursday, October 1, 2015

Yes I Did (Matching Shirts for Karlie and I)

No shame in my game, though I doubt we will ever wear these at the same time in the same place. I had my eye on this fox knit from Girl Charlee for ages. When I finally purchased it I bought enough to make myself a dress but then decided on matching tops for Karlie and I. I took these both down with me on our family Vacation this summer to the Frio, but this little toot was not up for modeling with me. Mom took this picture for me last weekend so I figured it was time to photograph my shirt as well.

Karlie's fox shirt

Karlie's shirt is a simple self drafted kimono sleeve top with a ruffle added, basically a square with a hole cut in it for the neck. I think I am going to try to make myself a version of this soon in a black rayon challis.

My version is a modified Dixie Diy Summer Concert Tee, my third version of that pattern. I love this version but haven't gotten much wear out of it because it requires a pair of high waisted pants or shorts. I actually made a pair of high waisted denim shorts for just this purpose but the pattern still needs some tweaks and I didn't find them too wearable.  I really do like the fit of this top and plan to make another version with a tiny bit of length added to the front. This knit is not very stretchy at all, so I'm thinking that this pattern would work in a woven as well.

Dixie Diy Fox shirt

Dixie Diy Fox shirt

Dixie Diy Fox shirt

Here is a terrible picture to illustrate my alterations. I shortened the back pattern piece, but left the front as drafted (wish I would have added a couple of inches there). I then cut off a portion of the back piece at about waist level and slashed and spread that bottom piece to make it about double the original width. The piece was gathered, sewn to the top half and then I proceeded as normal. I also left the arm bands off of this version. Here is my first version of this top. I love basic patterns like this that can be changed and manipulated for multiple variations. Though I love sewing dresses, I most often find myself reaching for jeans and a cute top to throw on. I can never have too many cute tops.

Dixie Diy Fox shirt alteration

Mom also texted me these pictures that K drew in her sketchbook. They are costumes that she has designed for me to make her for her birthdays. I think the numbers correspond the the age. We also did this when she was here and we were designing Fashion Cat and I think it is so much fun to see how her creative mind works. Apparently those are feathers that go behind the neck.

Untitled Untitled Untitled

Two blog posts in one week? I can't believe it. I have a couple more finished projects to share but have moved on to my swimsuit sewing frenzy. We have about six weeks or less till our vacation so I'm trying to get that show on the road. I really don't have any suits that I'm crazy about or that fit well, so I'm counting on myself to come through on that project. So far, so good, but I'm just in the muslining stage right now. There were a few other pieces that I wanted to sew for our trip but first things first when you are going on a beach vacation.

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