Monday, October 19, 2015

I Joined Kollabora

I joined Kollabora and have started uploading a few of my finished projects. I am on Pattern Review but always hated the way that website functions (or doesn't function). Kollabora is much more user friendly and modern.

I can see here that my wardrobe is evolving to be quite cohesive, well at least these three outfits. I definitely have an affinity for blue and white and black and white. kollabora screen shot
The clean and modern look of my project gallery just makes me so happy! I think I need to create a gallery page of finished projects here on my blog as well. Are you on Kollabora? How do you like it?


Unknown said...

Hi Ashley,

We're so happy you joined! Welcome :)

And let us know if there is anything you wish for.

It's great to see your creative work and we hope you enjoy the community.


Unknown said...

PS Some people embed a badge on their blog to link to their Kollabora profile, maybe there's on you like!