Monday, May 19, 2014

Wardrobe Staple: Dixie Diy's Summer Concert Tee

I purchased the Dixie Diy Summer Concert Tee as part of Perfect Pattern Parcel #1. It is the only pattern that I have sewn from the group and has become a wardrobe staple. image-3

 I cut the XS size and shortened the back quite a bit. I like the high low look but it was a little too low in the back, I like to show a little booty after all lol. I am not however into midriff baring and I wear this with a camisole underneath.  I think it would work well with higher waisted garments like maxi skirts, shorts, etc but my jeans sit low on my hips and require extra coverage.  I also doubled over the arm bands to shorten the sleeves and give a more finished look, I really hate hemming knits!  I did a tiny hem on the bottom so as not to lose much length.  I think I only turned it up once and it does show a little after washing but isn't too noticeable.  Next time I would add a little length to the front pattern piece so that I could do a deeper hem.


These pictures aren't great but I thought this pattern was worth sharing. I really like the swingy quality of this top and I think it is quite flattering. I need to grab some more knit to make a couple more of these Summer staples. This fabric is from Joann.


Carolyn said...

Hi Ashley, your comment on my soma post came up as a no reply blogger so I though I'd respond over here. First off - thank you! And I'm so excited to see your version! As for the back, the cut is somewhere in the middle. Not too bare, not super full. Lauren's post is great for seeing the backside
Now excuse me while I check out all the fan tasty I can things you've made!

Ashley said...

Thanks for commenting Carolyn, I've been reading your blog for years! I have been sewing a ton but am terrible at taking pictures and posting here. Hoping to rememdy that soon. I just cut out my first swimsuit and am getting ready to sew. So exciting!