Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Meet Fashion Cat

My niece Karlie came to visit with my parents a couple of months ago and we designed her Birthday/Halloween costume together. Meet Fashion Cat!

Meet Fashion Cat. Karlie and I designed her together and this will be her birthday present/Halloween costume. Complete with red wig, cat ears, a leopard print crop top, red arm coverings, a black tulle skirt, black heels and tattoos. She was very specific
There is also a theme song!
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K was very specific about the details, wanting a half shirt with leopard print, red full length gloves and a tulle skirt that was long in the back and short in the front. I think I pulled it off. When I sent her this picture of the gloves (which barely fit me) she freaked out. She kept telling me how jealous all of her friends were going to be and that they were exactly what she had dreamed of. That made my heart swell.
Working on Karlie's fashion cat costume. The gloves barely fit me but I told her I would send a pic. She freaked out and told me over and over how jealous all her friends were going to be. I know the way to her heart. I love making costumes for her becaus Here she is posing in her costume right after she opened it.


I used Simplicity 1122 for the skirt, it wasn't difficult but takes patience for all that gathering of tulle! I definitely recommend this pattern as it has a very cute effect.

For the crop top I used McCalls 6729, the same pattern I used for her Hawk Girl costume last year. I modified it a bit, making it into a crop top and adding the cutout and ruffle. I went up from a size 3 (which seemed tight last year) to a 4. It was quite big but I realized later I only did 1/4" seams on the serger instead of the recommended 5/8" seams. Oh well, it should fit her for several years.

I also made leopard leggings, which you can't see here and which also turned out quite big.
The ears, tail and wig were purchased at our local costume shop.

We all had to try on that fabulous wig!


This was the fourth year in a row that I have made Karlie a costume for her birthday. There was Snow White, a Mermaid, last year's Hawk Girl and now Fashion Cat. I love that we designed this one together and that it is an original. K turned 6 last month and I hope she will enjoy me sewing for her for years to come.

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