Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Frank's Pillow

This is Frank's pillow, it sits on his side of the couch and I made it for him.

Frank's Pillow Frank's Pillow Frank's Pillow Frank's Pillow

This pillow was in the planning stages foreeeever, it seemed. I do not own a stash of quilting cottons, so collecting up the pieces of fabric took a while. The sewing of the pillow was quick and went smoothly compared to the months of finding just the right prints. I scored about 12 yards of really lovely linen at my favorite thrift store early this year. It is a mustardy yellow, and I was really pleased with the gray that I got from dyeing this piece. A few of these cottons were from other projects, Karlie's Easter Dress, a skirt for me that was never finished, Karlie's Mermaid and her Bed Canopy and Scarves that I made for Christmas gifts a few years ago.  The rest were newly acquired by my picky self.  I chose by color and print, and can see now that I like prints with a textural quality to them. I can also see that I have a great love for Anna Maria Horner's designs.

The pillow is a simple envelope.  Laying out the grid of circles took the most time.  I used wonder under to iron the circles to the linen and then zig zagged my way around each circle.  

I'm super pleased with the pillow and Frank is too. 


janet in ft worth said...

That's really nice! I love all the prints, especially the bird and the aqua-toned almost-foulard print on the top row.

Ashley said...

Thanks Janet! That aqua one actually came from our local Joann store. The bird print is a Japanese import that I got at Stitch Lab in Austin.