Monday, June 10, 2013

Late Spring Uniform

This is what I have been wearing lately. My newly finished self-drafted t-shirt. Mom bought me this knit at Joann when she was here last month, and I love the print. It is super light weight, semi-sheer and perfect for Summer.
 Spring Uniform
Do you like how I let the Larkspur take over my patio? Why not, it's so pretty after all.

Spring Uniform
This is the second version of this pattern that I have made. It is a simple dolman sleeve top that I drew off of a ready made T that I had. The first has bands around the sleeves that make them almost elbow length, and it was my most worn Winter T. This one was supposed to have the bands, only more narrow to make a shorter sleeve for summer. However, I accidentally used one of them for serging practice so I ended up with much smaller bands around the armholes. I still like this top, but it is a much different look from the first. This was my first time sewing knits on my (borrowed from mom) serger.  It was also the first time I used a double needle for finishing, it pulled a lot at the hem even after I loosened the tension.  I'm guessing that is because the fabric is so light weight.  I did a binding on the neckline and am pretty happy with how that came out.

Can you tell I don't like posing for pictures. I forget to smile because I'm concentrating too hard! Spring Uniform

It is hot out there, and though it isn't Summer technically, it sure feels like it. I just tried to jog and it was too hot. On Friday I ran with a friend from work (a first) and we did a route that I have been wanting to run since last September when I started running. I had done bits and pieces of it, but never the whole route. It was 4.57 miles and is a really beautiful run, shaded in spots, hilly and partly on our Trinity River Trail system. The trail part is a bit remote and I don't carry a phone when I run, so that is why I needed a running partner for this particular route. Anyways, it was unusually cool that morning and we had a wonderful run. Now I fear my running outside will be put on hold till September. Time to join the gym!

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