Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Scarves

I mentioned before that I made eleven scarves as gifts for Christmas but neglected to photograph them.  I made them all from flannels, with two exceptions.  I was inspired by Anna Maria Horner's figure eight scarves.  Though I would love to have and to make them from her gorgeous velveteens and voiles I could not afford to use them.  Another factor is that I don't think Anna Maria's patterns and colors would have worked for everyone on my list, which included four nieces and two nephews.  Joann flannel fit the bill and I was able to make each scarf with a half yard each of two coordinating fabrics.  Some scarves used the same color or print, so there were repeats, but most of them were different.  Two of the nieces and the two nephews got matching scarves, cause that's how they roll. 

Gretchen was kind enough to take a picture of herself in her scarf, which was one of my favorites.  It has a mustard yellow quilting cotton on one side and a gray and white flannel print on the other.
G and her scarfy

I think I'll do a tutorial of how I put these together.  They really make an easy handmade gift and are super cute and cozy.  I am wishing I had made one for myself, so I just might have to do that soon.

Gretchen and I at our house.
G and A


Unknown said...

Cute girls!

Connie Akers said...

Great picture of you two. You should frame it with some of the ones from years back. Definitely make yourself a scarf.

Gretchen Schermerhorn said...

I love my scarf Ash! I wore it yesterday, and received so many compliments. I took your mom's advice, and framed that picture of us. xoxo