Friday, December 30, 2011

Handmade Gifts (Part One)

Karlie (our niece) got the Selena Mermaid from Wee Wonderfuls, my third project and gift for her from the book.  I enlarged the pattern by 150% to give her a little more impact.  She turned out super cute and is a pretty quick project.

Christmas 2011 151

Karlie also received her very own "Packpack" made by me from this Made by Rae pattern.  The main fabric and yellow strapping are from City Craft in Dallas, I love that store!  I put vinyl on the fabric to make it more durable.  I also added the outer pocket, though I messed up and had to sew the velcro to the flap after I had put it together.  Not that big of a deal though.  Over all I think it came together really well.  It is not nearly as hard as you would think, or as I thought it would be anyways.

Sorry these pictures are sideways, they are from my mom's camera and flickr stream. 
Christmas 2011 150

Christmas 2011 152

Christmas 2011 056

It fits perfectly!
Christmas 2011 058

I also made her a scarf, one of eleven handmade scarves that I made as gifts and neglected to photograph. That's what happens when you do everything last minute. Oh well. I'll share more handmade gifts with you next week.

We have good friends coming over tonight for dinner and since we have no New Years plans we will probably cook a nice meal and watch some netflix tomorrow night. Unless any of you want to invite us out for New Years.

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Amanda Conley said...

Those are so awesome. Ive been wanting to make a doll for Estelle. Maybe I'll have time after the holidays. Love the mermaid!