Friday, February 15, 2013

Feeling the love

This is the extent of my valentines enthusiasm this year. A red carnation that my boss gave me to wear in my hair at work and a pink ruffly dress that I sent to Karlie. I also made the best chocolate chip cookies and sent most of them to my family. Valentines carnation

My sister in law texted me yesterday that Karlie had worn the Christmas dress that I made her to school. I felt a little bad that I hadn't mailed this sooner so that she could have worn it yesterday, but I'm glad she likes the other one so much. This is the same pattern with ruffle knit added to the bottom, so she ought to love this one even more. Karlie's valentine dress

Work was hectic and the holidays there kind of ruin them for me personally. It is just so busy and exhausting that you have no energy left to do anything unless you have planned in advance and I'm not good at that. Last year I was working in floral on Valentines, so I saw it from a different perspective this time.  It was so funny to see all the men gathering around looking dazed and confused.  I was lucky to open yesterday and was able to enjoy the lovely sunshine with a cup of tea and my new Saveur Magazine in the backyard after work.

Happy belated Valentine's day!
I'm off today, recovering and getting stuff done around the house and errands run.

ps, I got this picture of Karlie wearing her dress to a birthday party. Karlies valentines dress

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