Monday, February 18, 2013

Map Love

I love maps and globes. I love the colors, the graphics and I suppose I love what they represent. I don't get to travel much but I do dream of traveling the world. Mom got us this school map at the Fredricksburg flea market in the Fall. We finally got it hung in our living room and I'm loving it! School map School map

The 10K is Saturday, yikes! I'm more worried about the cold than the running. It starts at 7am and it will be in the mid 40's. I ran Saturday morning when the sun was out and it was in the 50s and my hands and feet were numb for the first 20 minutes. I'm a wimp! We have been lucky to have a mild winter, though I probably won't consider it lucky come summer. I have been able to run through January and February, not as much as in the Fall, but I'm still proud. A customer at work told me that there is only one hill and it is in the beginning of the race. I have run up that hill and it isn't bad at all. Wish me luck!

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