Sunday, February 10, 2013

Plant Life

Part of my Year of the Home New Years declaration has been sprucing up the house by bringing in more house plants. They really make me happy and give a more finished look to a room. Instant upgrade! I'm not usually good with houseplants, but do much better with my gardens. I'm trying to become a better caretaker to my indoor plants since they bring so much joy to my life.
Plants in the house Plants in the house Plants in the house Amaryllis Orchids on the mantle

I have been reminding myself of my PawPaw with my plants. He never met a plant that he didn't try to divide and multiply. I only do that with the easy ones, like succulents. I have my little pot full of succulent rootings by the window and check on their progress regularly. I love to see them grow!

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Susie Monday said...

Hi Ashley

I am working on a fiber art exhibit in June 5-24 at the Kerr Arts and Cultural Center, and wonder if you are still making your fiber and silver work? I would certainly like to include you as one of the featured artists if you are interested. Send me an email; susie monday.