Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Today I...

...ran up a bunch of hills. Hill running Hill running Hill running Hill running Hill running Hill running Hill running Hill running hill day

About 45 minutes into my hour long workout I got stung by a bee on the neck. I freaked out for a minute but kept running after that and was pretty proud of myself for it. You can see the sting on my neck, just to the left of my headphone wires.
 Post run rest

I use my nano on shuffle when I run and forward through any songs that aren't doing it for me at the moment. Today I had an awesome sequence of motivating songs all in a row. I was hoping to find an mp3 player that I could embed here to share them with you but I can't seem to find any that work well.

Tomorrow night we are going to see a friend's work at the Dallas Contemporary art museum. One of my bff's who I haven't seen in months is in town and joining us. It should be a wonderful evening!


alicia said...

what's on your playlist?

Connie Akers said...

WOW girl, you are rocking it. Sorry about the bee sting. I'll text you about my misadventure.
Tell Gretchen hello. I saw her picture on Facebook.

Ashley said...

Alicia, That run of songs was Prince's "Lolita", Outkast "Hey Ya", Black Keys "Howlin for you" and Africa Hi Tech. I also LOVE MIA for working out, she gets me moving every time.