Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Here is the extent of my Halloween enthusiasm. Pumpkins are marked down at work and I finally brought some home yesterday. I figure they will last on the porch through Thanksgiving. I love the funky colors and textures! Pumpkins on the porch Pumpkins on the porch Pumpkins on the porch

 I've been longing to have a backyard s'mores party with our nephews. This picture is from one year ago when we had our nieces and nephews all here and told ghost stories and made s'mores. The nieces are all in Houston now, so it would just be the boys this time. Halloween weekend

 Speaking of S'mores, we attempted to make these crazy s'mores cookies when we were in Austin for my brother's birthday. They were his request and only sort of worked, resulting in 8" diameter cookies with a small s'more in the middle of each. Pretty ridiculous, though the caramelized marshmallow was pretty awesome! I'm not a huge s'mores person but I do have daydreams of making from scratch marshmallows and graham crackers for gourmet s'mores. That won't happen for the boys as they wouldn't appreciate the work.

In more s'mores related news, I'm seriously contemplating making myself this cake for my birthday. I'm having a hard time deciding between this and the Chocolate Caramel cake that I made last year.

Enough with my s'mores tangent. Though I'm not in much of a Halloween mood, I hope you enjoy the holiday and get to see the little ones in your life all dressed up and having a blast.  Karlie is going to wear the Snow White costume that I made for her birthday and her mama is dressing as the evil queen.  I'm anxiously waiting for a picture of the two of them together!


andrea said...

you got some gorgeous pumpkins there!

Connie Akers said...

You can't beat the chocolate caramel from last year but this one looks great too. Wish we could be there to help celebrate. xoxo, Mom