Saturday, October 6, 2012

Cooler Days Mean

Cuddly Pets
Lucy snuggling Cuddly kitty

I'm knitting again
 Knitty time

Soups, stews and roasts in the kitchen. We made Chili the other night and I have a whole list of cold weather recipes that I want to make. The usuals like Tortilla soup, Crockpot chicken, Caldo, Navy bean soup, Charro beans and so on. I also have a seemingly endless supply of cooking inspiration going on over at Pinterest. Yum!

Cooler days also mean that I can go for a jog at noon and not die of a heat stroke. I did that yesterday, well just before noon, and it felt great. It was in the high sixties and overcast just perfect for jogging, in my opinion. Today I was hoping to go to a local park with hilly hiking trails, but it is cold out there!

Enjoy your weekend.

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