Friday, September 21, 2012

Embracing Change

Tomorrow is the first day of Fall. In Texas that doesn't necessarily mean much. Days go back and forth between perfectly cool and hot and humid. We take what we can get when it comes to those perfect Fall days. We have already had a few, which is unusual this early for us. My workouts have been harder the past few days, I'm not sure why. I took it a little easier yesterday and just walked.

 I love Fall, it is my favorite season and it doesn't hurt that my birthday is in the Fall. In the garden

The garden is always happier when Fall arrives too. In the garden

Roberta watching over me in the garden. In the garden

My zinnias are no show flowers, they flop over and are kind of scraggly but I still love them! In the garden In the garden In the garden In the garden

This canna is in a pot that I inherited from my mom when they moved. I've never had this one and I think it is so pretty.
 Red Canna

This picture cracks me up. Lucy and Berta just staring at me in the morning.
 Probably wanting my breakfast.
 Lucy and Berta

Welcoming Fall and cooler weather is an easy change. I won't miss too much about Summer, though I did embrace it this year more than ever before. The harder changes that we are making have to do with our diet and lifestyle. I am on the right track with exercise and it is making me feel better overall. Frank has had a cold and hasn't been able to join me yet. I always struggle with meal planning, shopping and finding time to get dinner on the table. I love to cook, but working at a grocery store with odd and ever changing hours has messed it all up for me.

Frank was diagnosed with high blood pressure this week, so now I'm on a mission to change our diets. I have gotten some really great resources from my facebook friends and just started delving into them. I will put together a list and add them to my blog links as well. Last night we made broiled Salmon and carrots with Kale salad. All easy, delicious and heart healthy. I need more meals like that in my repertoire!

If you have any suggestions for lowering blood pressure naturally or websites that you visit for healthy eating and living please do share.
Happy Fall!


Unknown said...

Have you guys watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead or Forks over Knives? Both are streaming on Netflix. They really helped me and my husband out last year. We both were borderline high blood pressure and I'm sure borderline type 2 diabetes for years. They're great documentaries and are very inspiring. Especially the fat, sick one. Check em out.

Ashley said...

Jen, I started Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead but haven't watched the whole thing. I fell like something has switched in my brain because I really do want to run and am bummed when I miss a day or especially more than one!