Monday, November 22, 2010

Chicken Caldo

I made my version of Mexican Chicken Soup (Caldo) last night. I could not be more simple, and in my opinion, could not be more delicious. I think this recipe will be on heavy rotation this winter!

Frank's mom made this for us for my Birthday. Her version uses bone-in Chicken legs and thighs. Frank and I both prefer white meat, and I find it easiest to buy frozen breasts, so that is what I used. I simply boiled the breasts frozen and the water became my chicken stock. After the chicken was cooked through I shredded it and set it aside while I added Peeled, Cubed Potatoes and Peeled, Chopped Carrots as well as a bit of Red Bell Pepper. All of this boils with the shredded chicken until the veggies are tender. I add salt and pepper to taste and some chopped cilantro at the last minute. At my Mother in Law's house we had lemons and squeezed them into the soup, but we didn't have any last night so we went without.

Adding salsa to my bowl of soup is practically part of the recipe, so I made up a batch of Hope's salsa. Once again, deceptively easy and oh so delicious!
I also made Spanish rice, which we add to the soup. This is not essential, but is a yummy addition. I don't have a recipe to suggest here as I don't feel I've perfected this recipe. I think I need to get a lesson from my Mother in Law because her rice is always great.



Wendy and Claudio said...

Yum indeed! My mouth was watering, reading this!

cypress sun said...

I'm going to make this tomorrow...a similar version was on tight rotation in my house a few winters ago, and I miss it.