Thursday, July 26, 2012

Summer Vacation

With my entire family now in the Austin area, our summer vacation was bound to take us there. Sure, a part of me wished that Frank and I could go somewhere more exotic, just the two of us. It has been so long since we took a "real" vacation. And, well, it can be hard to wrangle six adults and get everyone on the same schedule. Despite all that we had a blast and I wouldn't have changed it for the world. As usual, Karlie was the center of all or our attentions, and as always she kept us all entertained.

Karlie agreed that my Best Ever Chocolate Chip Cookies were delicious. In her words they were, "Goody Goody".
 Austin roadtrip

Saturday evening we took Karlie down to the Congress Street bridge to see the bats at sunset. We parked on South Congress and walked around for a bit. Austin roadtrip Austin roadtrip

On Sunday we all headed down to San Marcos and swam on the river, right on the Texas State campus. It is such an awesome place to swim. We were so busy Sunday that I didn't even take any pictures. I also noticed that there are no pictures of me, or of Frank and I together.

Karlie and Gagee 
Austin roadtrip

On Monday we took Karlie to Aquerena Springs, which is where the San Marcos River bubbles out of the ground. When I was a kid it was an amusement park. I remember the glass bottom boats, mermaids swimming underwater and Ralph the swimming pig. These days it is owned and run by Texas State. The tour on the glass bottom boat was equally fun for the kids and adults. It is such a beautiful place!
 Austin roadtrip

Monday night was back to Austin, Pizza at Home Slice and Big Top Candy Shop on South Congress. Austin roadtrip Austin roadtrip

Tuesday morning Frank and I went off on our own and explored. We checked out Boite, a Cargo container turned coffee spot for breakfast. They had the most delicious croissants. Austin roadtrip

I drug Frank into Stitch Lab, since I had no money to spend on fabric I knew it wouldn't take long. I have heard about that place for several years and finally got to check it out. They did have some beautiful linen fabric in several colors that I would have loved to own. Austin roadtrip

 Oh wait, I did take a picture of myself because I love my new orange knit and lace thrifted top. Austin roadtrip

Back home now, I have been obsessively sewing and am almost finished with a new Self Drafted Knit Dress with Draped Pockets. I could not be more happy with the outcome! We are preparing for Frank's mom's sixtieth birthday party on Saturday and I have a carrot cake to bake. Karlie's birthday is less than a month away and I have some sewing plans for her, but for now I am taking the rest of my vacation to sew for myself.

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