Monday, July 30, 2012

Back to reality

I think I gained a few pounds on my week off. That was not in the plan, but between eating our way through Austin and Carrot Cake for Hope's birthday it happened. I felt supremely lazy sitting on my couch watching the US gymnastics team last night. I kept making myself jump up during commercials to solder or sew a seam. I don't think I accomplished as much as I had hoped this past week, but I did do a lot. I'm not ready to go back to work.

Thankful that I froze those 5 lbs of Parker County Peaches! They are just as sweet and tender frozen as they were fresh.  Yum!
 Frozen Parker county peaches

The colors in the backyard are hot just like the weather.
I don't know what variety of Zinnia this is, but it's the only one that has thrived for me this summer.  They are about 10-12 inches tall with tiny blooms.  I like anything miniature so I think these are really sweet.
Backyard garden Backyard garden Backyard garden Backyard garden Backyard garden Backyard garden

I'm liking the color scheme that I'm using on my patio chairs. Backyard garden

 Backyard garden

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