Thursday, June 28, 2012

Back from Austin

I'm just back from Austin and had a great visit with my family and dear friend Christi and her family.

When mom and I got to Austin on Tuesday we picked K up from school early, waking her from a nap. I had to bribe her with a cookie to try on the new dress that I made her. Isn't it cute?! It was really easy and fast to make, probably under an hour of sewing. I love the design with the sporty racerback. I kind of want one for myself.  The free pattern and tutorial are here.  I'm loving sewing with knits and really wanting a serger to make it even easier.  I also finished a knit maxi skirt for myself the night before we left for Austin.
 Karlie in her racerback tank dress Karlie in her racerback tank dress

Even with a cookie bribe her patience wore thin for my picture taking. Karlie in her racerback tank dress Karlie in her racerback tank dress

It was hot, of course, but my brother and I took Karlie swimming in the San Marcos river yesterday and it was just perfect. I could have stayed in the river all day. I love to swim, especially in cold, clear water on a hot Texas day. San Marcos river San Marcos river

Also, today is another one of my oldest friends' birthday. The mom of a teenager and two more gorgeous children, she has grown up to be a wonderful lady and continues to be one of my best friends after twenty years. We had a lot of fun together as friends and roommates, and still have fun together these days. I love you Susy Q!

Here we are in Taos in the summer of 1996 on the bridge over the Rio Grande Gorge. This is one of my favorite pictures of us. Ashley and Susan in Taos 1996

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