Thursday, June 21, 2012

Where I Want to be

The garden continues to call me outdoors. I always dedicate myself to the garden in the Spring, but normally lose interest come Summer. With today being the second day of Summer, I feel like I have kept at it longer than most years. Granted, so far it has been mild. It looks like that is about to change. Monday I was in the yard til noon and it was not too hot. Today by 10 it was pretty steamy. Anyways, I hope I do keep at it because the garden is bringing me great pleasure these days. I feel content there.

In the garden

Even getting stung by a wasp while trimming the yucca didn't keep me away for long. Baking soda soothed the sting.
In the garden In the garden In the garden In the garden

I have Moonflower, Morning Glory and Black Eyed Susan vines sprouting. In the garden In the garden In the garden

I'm still planning to paint and make cushions for my patio furniture.
I'm thinking navy blue for these chairs.  With yellow and white chevron cushions.
In the garden In the garden
And more Yellow Chevrons for the sling chairs. In the garden In the garden

I have a palette in mind, and just need to order fabric, buy more spray paint and sit down at the sewing machine to make cushions. As if I don't have a million other projects to get done. Speaking of that, I'm off to accomplish my massive to do list. See you later....

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