Sunday, June 10, 2012

Still Obsessed

It rained on Wednesday afternoon after I was done with my yard work. It was nice to have a Summer rain and it cooled things off for a bit. The backyard The backyard

Yesterday I was off work and Frank helped me in the yard. We got a late start and it was hot. I had a bit of a melt down, just wanting to quit but he convinced me to finish and I'm so glad we did. We mulched, mowed, cleaned, trimmed, planted and so on. We cleaned up the back porch and I potted my clearance plants that I found last week. It's really looking good! The backyard The backyard

The back patio is really coming together too. I finally painted the vintage metal chair. The backyard

I was obsessed with finding that specific color of spray paint, Lagoon from Rustoleum. Their website led me astray and no one seemed to have it. I finally found it at Joann and I think it was worth all the effort. I still want to paint the other metal chairs and swing, probably keeping them white and make or buy cushions for them. Why do outdoor cushions have to be so ugly and expensive? The backyard

Roberta disappeared for more than twenty four hours and I was worried but she reappeared yesterday.
The backyard

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