Monday, January 4, 2010

A favorite object

I'm participating today in a blog carnival, and the topic was to blog about a favorite object. I picked this Cloisonne Enameled pin that I made for my now husband Frank in 1999. Frank and I had just started dating and he asked me to make a pin for his guitar strap. I suppose I hadn't noticed yet, but Frank almost exclusively wears black t-shirts and jeans. He is not a bright color person by any means.

Obviously I am a color person, and this is the pin that I came up with. I had made the enameled piece in school, and turned it into a pin for my honey. Not only is it special because he asked me to make it for him, but because he wore it on that guitar strap for years, even playing gigs with it on. I'm sure this isn't what he was imagining when he asked me to make a pin, but he never let on that it wasn't his style. I should mention that this thing is not tiny, it measures 1 1/2" diameter. Obviously it has been well worn and loved, you can see the cracks in the enamel, but I treasure it none the less.

I did a good deal of enameling in school. I was lucky enough to study under Harlan Butt, a world renowned enamelist. I miss the enameling, and hope to get back into it this year, so this is also serving as an inspiration to me.

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Lunasa Designs Jewelry said...

SO sweet Ash!!

stacey said...

i love the pin ashley!
and how sweet of him.

Victoria Takahashi said...

what a great little story, i love that he wore it even if it wasnt his "color" :) its a really beautiful brooch!

Danielle Miller-Gilliam said...

I love a good "love story!" Ash, I have never met met Frank, but I'm sure he wears black on the outside and is full of color on the inside!

kristien said...

What a sweet story and such a beautiful brooch...and I love that slightly weathered look!

Ashley said...

Thanks everyone! I forgot to mention, that dirt on the back looks like it is in the pattern of his guitar strap.