Sunday, January 17, 2010

Busy times ahead

Yes, I have fallen behind on the Ring A Day challenge, and I'm not sure if I will catch up. Normally winter is really, really slow around here, but not so this year. My husband Frank is starting college(!) on Tuesday. This is a big deal for him, for us, and I am so proud of him and excited for him. We have been gearing up for this busy time and getting him all prepared for school. Also, I will be away from home, for the most part, for the next two weeks or more. I mentioned last week that my parents will be moving, and more details are still to come. Mom and dad live in the home that I grew up in, and which we moved into in 1987. As you can imagine they have amassed quite a collection of things that now need to be sorted, donated and sold. Mom has a wonderfully large sewing studio filled with art supplies and fabrics. All you local crafters stay tuned because we will be having a sale soon! I'll post pictures this week of her studio and the progress we make.

I should have been working on jewelry yesterday to both catch up and get ahead. I just couldn't resist dragging my crew to the Trinity trail because the weather was absolutely perfect. We may not have weather like that again for months. It was that kind of perfect weather where the sun warms your face and a slight breeze cools you at the same time. My favorite kind of day!


Nina Dinoff said...

personally i think if you fall behind with ring a day you can just pick it back up when you can. but it sounds like you have lots of materials at your disposal!

and congrats to frank. that is very impressive!

elizabethrosasjewelry said...

congrats Frank!