Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dinner inspired rings

I started work on a "real" ring today, but ran out of time. I will finish that one tomorrow. For today I was inspired by dinner, and some of my fellow Etsy Metal member's food rings. The Poblanos are from my garden, harvested in an icy rain and were in need of roasting and freezing. I LOVE Poblano peppers, not too hot, just a bit of bite and lots of flavor. Luckily for me they aren't too hard to grow, though mine never reach supermarket size!

For the food rings, I cut a hole in a petite Poblano and modeled it for the camera. After roasting my peppers I take the skin off, take the seeds out and freeze them for later. I love the way the seeds are arranged on the seed pod and that became my second ring of the night.

Dinner, in case you are wondering is my version of Tortilla soup. It is not traditional, but that is what we always called it because we used to crush tortilla chips on top and add shredded cheese. The recipe has morphed over the years, but is basically a tomato soup with corn, onions, cilantro and poblano peppers. Tonight I'm going to top mine with Chihuahua cheese and avocado chunks. Um, now I'm hungry....

I should mention that I am so happy that I have joined this challenge, and hope to participate in more Etsy Metal Challenges in the near future. I have become quite inspired and did some sketching of new designs today. What a great way to start a new year!
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1 comment:

Beth Cyr said...

so cute!! i think i'll be joining in today for the rest of the month.... just getting back in the swing of work again...