Monday, October 26, 2009

I did it!

I made a garment for myself from start to finish! Granted, it is rated as an easy beginner pattern. I have made clothes for myself before, but had come to rely on my mom to do it for me. Getting this to fit properly, even being a non-fitted top was still difficult. I put the top together and it fit in the hips and hung off my shoulders. My mom showed me how to alter it to fit, but I did all the sewing! She also helped me alter the pattern so that I can make it again without the alteration issues and it will fit from the get go. I love the fit, the pattern, and the fabric. It is Simplicity 2593 by Cynthia Rowley and I used an Indian Cotton Ikat fabric. I'll have to get a better picture, it was wrinkled after wearing in the above one.

I'm working on another one to test the altered pattern. It is a yellow striped cotton with gray bias tape edging. No fancy neckline on this one. I am really digging yellow and gray together right now.

I bought fabric for another Cynthia Rowley pattern, this tunic. I got navy linen half off at Joann. I am going to do teal piping around the yoke and the teal fabric is for lining the yoke. I don't know when I will tackle this one. It looks significantly more complex, and I really hope the fit doesn't need alterations.
I found this cotton at Joann for $1.50/yard. I got enough to do this full skirt, just have to decide what I want to use as the contrasting fabric.
Driving home from Argyle on Saturday the sunset was amazing! If I would have had my camera with me I would have pulled to the side of the highway multiple times to take photos. Instead I caught the tail end of it when I got home. I also wished for a camera while Frank and I were walking in the Riverbend Nature area yesterday. My camera is too bulky and I was walking dogs and jogging some. There is no way I would have wanted to lug my camera along. I'm leaning more and more towards wanting an iphone. Frank said, you could have it on an arm strap like your ipod for jogging, then take it off to take a picture. I'm sold.

In case you are wondering, yes I am still making jewelry. I know I haven't been talking about it much lately. I have really been enjoying sewing, crocheting and other hobbies. I will be working on my etsy shop, adding new items all this week. I am also finishing up some orders that I got last week, so will try to make time for new designs as soon as possible.

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Alice Istanbul said...

Good job! You've inspired me to go out and start sewing.

jenna said...

The top looks great! I wish I knew more about sewing. Can't wait to see the gray and yellow!

Ashley said...

Thank you both! Jenna, though I have sewn before I feel like a major novice. I want to get a bust made to make fitting clothes on myself easier.