Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Another World

One of our favorite activities here is Fort Worth is perusing the junk and searching for treasures at the Cattle Barn Flea Market. I think it is actually in the swine barn, but it is indeed in a barn. Doesn't that sound so very Texan? The booth above reminded me of my PawPaw and his rock collection, which made me really happy.
Right of the bat I found this cute little planter. It has a couple of hairline cracks, but is in pretty good shape and I couldn't pass it up. I had never seen one with polka dots! Ironically I saw another one, the same but larger, at the antique mall this weekend as well. It was 10 times what I paid for this one by the way!

It just so happened that our old family friends, April and Ronnie Baxter were in town this past week. April brought her horse Tia for the National Andalusian Horse show, which was held in the same compound as the cattle barns. There are lots of horse events held in Fort Worth, something that we know little about. It really is like a whole other world. I used to be a horse person, but haven't ridden in years. It was really nice to be around all the beautiful horses and brought back lots of memories for me. I never did any shows of this level, or even close.

April told us that there was a barn full of longhorns, which I had never seen up close. We walked over and this lady was in a trailer outside. Check out those horns!

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ArtAfterDark said...

Wonderful pics....sounds like a fun afternoon!