Thursday, October 29, 2009

Crochet mania

I finished the Noro Spring Ripple Scarf that I have been talking about since June. I bought the yarn in June and finally got started on it a couple of weeks ago. I LOVE this yarn! If you haven't ever used it or seen it in person you have to get your hands on some. I have heard people complain about working with it because of the thick and thin quality of the yarn, and the fact that it is a bit rough. Neither of those things bothered me, in fact they make me love it even more. It is a silk wool blend, and sock yarn thickness. The tonal variations are amazing. Just love it! By the way, this isn't for me, and I'm not telling who it's for. It is my secret, for now.

Speaking of crochet, I just discovered these new additions to my friend Kim's shop Tiny Hearts. I love the large, bold feel of the neck warmers, and how they can be worn as a capelet as well!

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tinyhearts said...

Your scarf is gorgeous, beautiful work.

Ashley said...

thanks Kim!

Simbelmynë said...

Rainbow yarn is the best. I wonder why the yarn projects are only appealing AFTER I really wish the scarf was done.