Thursday, September 24, 2009

My talented mother

Fabric covered journal

Fabric Postcards

Fiber art wall piece

I spent most of Tuesday at my parents house. Mom and I had lots of projects going. Most importantly I photographed a bunch of her work for some show applications. She submitted several art quilts to one show and she and I applied to share a booth at an art fair in Austin. It felt good to get all of that done! I am not used to photographing 2-d work, so I hope I did a good job.

We also worked on a project for some new designs that I am creating. There was a great deal of interest in my Fiber Pendant at Texas Metal Arts. So I am working on an economical line of jewelry incorporating fiber. I'm really excited about them, and will share as soon as I finish the pieces that I am working on.
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Connie Akers said...

Thanks dear. I'm excited about lots of possibilities and collaborations with you. xoxo Mom

Deborah Boschert said...

Fabulous. I agree --- she's very talented. You got great genes.