Friday, September 4, 2009

Bigger Photos

I edited the layout of the blog to allow for larger images. I have wanted to figure this out for ages as the body of the blog always seemed to narrow for me. Well, thanks to Geninne's Art blog I figured it out last night. These photos were taken by my friend Chris Plavidal, I love their little treasure box quality.

ETA: I was asked to give some info on how I did this. First you have to widen the body of your blog by editing the html template. I had been scared to mess with this, but it was super easy. Here is the tutorial I used. However, I found those numbers to be too big and used 850 for outer wrapper and 600 for main wrapper. Blogger photo upload still won't make the photos bigger, though I can put two side by side now. So, you have to host your image in flickr, or whatever photo service that you use. Then copy the image from there and paste into your blog post. Since I made my blog body 600 pixels wide that is now the largest width of photo that I can use. I hope that helps.
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Amy Nicole said...

Give a tutorial on how to get bigger photos on your blog. They look great. I love the photos, and the way they highlight your work! Awesome.

Ashley said...

Okay, I edited the post to add some info and a link for help. let me know if you need any more info.

penelope said...

so....are all of your photos from then on large or do you change the html every time? i know you are the computer expert of the world and you've been holding out on me.
can we see you this weekend? you should bring new things you've made to show me!

Ashley said...

No, changing the html changes the layout of your blog, which allows for the wider photos. You only have to do that once.
The photos will be different sizes still depending on how you upload them. If they are straight off your computer they will stay like how they were originally. If you host them in flickr or wherever and then copy them they will be the size that you chose from there. Hope that helps.

Would love to see the Plavs this weekend!

Kristin said...

Sweet! I used that tutorial too, and it worked fairly well. I just used the preview button about 40 times before saving the changes.