Thursday, September 3, 2009

Karlie Rose

We went to my parent's house for dinner last night and got to see more pictures of Karlie Rose. Mom spent all last week with my brother, sister in law and Karlie, so she had lots more pictures on her camera. I love the one of my dad, brother and I admiring the sweet girl. In some of the newer pictures it was amazing to see that she has already changed since I saw her at 0-2 days old. I hope to see her often and look forward to spending lots of time with her.

I'm still whirring away in the studio, now with about five days of production left and lots to do still! It is always challenging with the rush of getting ready to photograph finished pieces, but I will do my best. I hope to share some pictures with you by the weekend, so keep an eye out for a few photos. Pester me if I don't because I often need a reminder to stop and take pictures of my jewelry!
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Alice Istanbul said...

Aww, what a sweet little thing :)

Good luck with your show next week. I've got one this weekend, and I'm cranking pieces out right to the last minute.

Ashley said...

Thanks Alicia!

I am beginning to panic. I have so many pieces that I am working on at once and need to start FINISHING some before I really freak out. Done with coffee, back to work....

Good luck with your show btw!